On 27 Oct 2015 the Greenville Airport management submitted a new Airport Minimum Standards regulation to the Greenville City Counsel for approval that contains 31 requirements for an individual or business to use the federally funded airport for skydiving.  The Counsel approved after discussing the lack of provisions concerning NAKED SKYDIVING.  The North Texas skydiving community was excluded from the meetings drafting the standards which include such ridiculous requirements as $100 per day landing fees, $1 million dollar insurance policy, jumps only on weekdays 10AM-3PM when the L-3 Communications employees have the control tower open, no skydiver social gatherings before or after jumps without airport manager permission, $500 fines for any jumper landing outside the City designated landing zones, only one skydiving aircraft allowed in the traffic pattern at a time, no parachute flight over L-3 Communications leased property, and the list goes on and on.  The minimum standards document was prepared by the City of Greenville in collusion with L-3 Communications to deliberately unjustly discriminate against the FAA recognized aeronautical activity of skydiving, illegal under federal law and in violation of several FAA regulations, advisory circulars, and directives.  The City / L-3 know full well this will force Skydive Tandem Greenville, LLC and other co-complainants to file a Part 16 formal complaint with the FAA, a process that will likely take a year or more.  During that year this website will continue to grow as a source of legal information for potential drop zone owners and individuals, plus expose the L-3 Communications monopoly over the airport.  Comments, photo contributions, etc can be sent to MajorsSpyPlanes@AOL.Com.

Photo courtesy of Dave Smithers

On June 9, 2012 the City of Greenville formally refused a request from Skydive Tandem Greenville, LLC for skydivers to land on the airport.  Skydiving members of the monopoly defense contractor (presently L-3 Communications) have been given permission numerous times in the past, but non-L-3 individuals or businesses are illegally excluded from doing so.  Individual skydivers and those jumping with Skydive Tandem Greenville, LLC or First Flight Tandems Inc. are forced to land across the street from the airport on the southwest or northeast perimeter.  As the legal battle continues to force L-3 / City of Greenville to comply with federal law guaranteeing our rights to access, this website will continue to grow and the corrupted government officials responsible for denying access will be identified.